Lazy Friday


His last.


In Memoriam- Scully

Scully Mamma

I m gonna miss you girl….You were the guardian of my tiny garden, the loving mom of 17 generations, the most beautiful green eyes I saw on a cat, a brave fighter, the wildest cat ever. Thank you for your son Damien, he has your eyes, he is safe in my arms,he is a member of my indoors family now… Thank you for the past 9 years. You were a difficult creature, but you were my friend in a strange way. I saved you and you saved me many times. I feel sorry I couldn’t give you a warm house and a long boring life. I hope now, wherever you are to take a deep, long nap without fears and stay lazy under the sun,as you deserve it, after your hard, stray life, my beauty. The chapter “Scully’s Tree”, is over……