In Memoriam- Scully

Scully Mamma

I m gonna miss you girl….You were the guardian of my tiny garden, the loving mom of 17 generations, the most beautiful green eyes I saw on a cat, a brave fighter, the wildest cat ever. Thank you for your son Damien, he has your eyes, he is safe in my arms,he is a member of my indoors family now… Thank you for the past 9 years. You were a difficult creature, but you were my friend in a strange way. I saved you and you saved me many times. I feel sorry I couldn’t give you a warm house and a long boring life. I hope now, wherever you are to take a deep, long nap without fears and stay lazy under the sun,as you deserve it, after your hard, stray life, my beauty. The chapter “Scully’s Tree”, is over……

Loving Mama Of All

Scully Mamma

This is Scully. A lovely, 5 years old stray cat who lives, most of the time, in our tiny backyard. Scully is so wild! We can’t catch her, we can’t get her to doctor, for vaccination and sterilization, we can only feed her and give names to her babies ! Some of her kittens are sterilized (not all were wild as she is), two of them are adopted by friends, lots of them are long gone…(Not all the kittens on this blog are her children of course,only those in this category!) Now Scully is pregnant in her 9th generation (!) and we hope to have her in our yard for a long time ahead, healthy as possible and lovely in her own way. We are sad we can’t give her a better life. We only can love her strongly from a distance..